Samstag, 9. Juni 2018

“What is the difference between the needs of a character and the wants of a character?”

Khan Academy - Pixar in a box, The art of storytelling

"Wants drive a character to act. A character might want something and do everything to get it. Needs are the things we need to do, or learn in order to grow, or succeed in life. For example, a character might learn that they need to share what they desire in order to be fulfilled, or happy. The distinction between what a character wants and what they need is important when you're building a character. - We all have those things we want. Oh man, I'd love that new car. Or, I'd really like, oh man, I'd love a VR machine, That'd be so cool. But what I need is probably to feed my family. And what I need is probably to have good relationships and things like that. - Oftentimes I think needs are something that we don't like admitting. It's eating your vegetables. You want just go for those sweets, the things that make life easier, but we have to sometimes do those things that we don't want to do. And in the end, it makes for full course meal if we're going with the food analogy. And I think in a character it's important to have those needs, and even those needs sometimes conflict with the wants because it makes our characters stronger and makes them have to go through trials that turn them into a more well-rounded character. [...] Sometimes a character might want something in the beginning, and then their need completely comes out of the realization they might have along the way. [...] So I think that oftentimes your want can be some of the entertainment of the story, but the need is gonna be that emotional heart that really makes people remember the film when they come out of the theater and for years later."

[h/t Charles]

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