Freitag, 8. Juni 2018

Recognizing Excellence:


"In sum, people often lack the competence necessary to recognize competence or excellence that outstrips their own. They fail to have the virtuosity necessary to recognize a true virtuoso."

"In essence, we suggest that in contemporary times, people with true knowledge often have their wise advice fall on deaf ears."

"In one study, we had chess players of varying skill level grade the moves made by six other chess players, whose performances ranged from terrible to near grandmaster level. Good chess players, near grand masters themselves, made sensible judgments about whether they could beat these other players after studying their moves. They were almost certain they could beat the player choosing terrible moves, but thought their chances were only 50-50 with the near grandmaster. Less skilled chess players reached a different, somewhat paradoxical, set of conclusions: They thought their chances with the terrible players were close to 50-50, but that they had a 70% chance of beating the near grandmaster. Apparently, after seeing near grandmaster moves, these less skilled players mistook these unfamiliar moves to be signs of flawed play (Dunning & Cone, 2018)."

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