Donnerstag, 23. August 2012

Depression & Kin Support Networks:

"Strassman and Dunbar suggest that the prevalence of depression as one of the world's major health problems may be a consequence of the breakdown of kin support networks and the attendant loss of psychological and material security."

Dunbar & Strassman, Human evolution and disease: putting the stone age in perspective, 1999;

Dienstag, 7. August 2012

Social Aspects of Human Evolution:

The most unpredictable and demanding aspects of the environment of evolving humans have always been its social aspects, not the physical climate or food shortages as often implied. The human psyche was designed primarily to solve social problems within its own species, not physical and mathematical puzzles, as educational tests and some concerns of philosophers might cause us to believe. ... This hypothesis implies that even the solving of mathematical, physical, and nunhuman biotic problems had its central significance (in the broadest sense, its reproductive rewards) in social contexts. ...

Evolution of the Human Psyche (1989), Richard D. Alexander

Der Mensch ist dem Menschen ein Wolf bzw. recht eigentlich: Menschliche Gruppen sind...

No other sexual organisms compete in groups as extensively, fluidly, and inexorably as do humans. In no other species, so far as we know, do social groups have as their main jeopardy other social groups in the same species...

The Evolution of the Human Psyche (1989), R.D. Alexander

Evolution of the Human Psyche:

Evolution of the Human Psyche (1989),
Richard D. Alexander