Dienstag, 5. Juni 2018

One-size-fits-all instruction:

"One-size-fits-all instruction and assistance works no better in career education than in academic, health, or other kinds of education. As documented in both military training and the public schools, less able individuals learn better when the material to be learned is simple, concrete, non-theoretical, complete, step-by-step, highly structured, repetitive, one-on-one, and involves hands-on activities rather than book learning (Snow, 1996; Sticht, Armstrong, Hickey, & Caylor, 1987). However, this kind of instruction impedes learning among more cognitively able individuals, who learn best when material is more theoretical, not so atomized and prestructured, and allows them to reorganize and assimilate information in their own way. This finding explains why it is so difficult to provide effective group instruction to cognitively diverse individuals."

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