Dienstag, 28. November 2023

Der enthusiastische Schriftsteller:

"Der enthusiastische Schriftsteller, der von allen Dingen spricht und alle Dinge ansieht, wie andere ehrliche Leute, wenn sie einen Hieb haben ..."


Zwei Seiten des Erkennens:

Das Subjektive:
Das Erkenntnisvermögen

Das Objektive:
Das zu Erkennende an und in dieser Welt

Marvel Films:

via Rob Henderson:

"people love content that hits them over the head with what it is; that doesn’t make them think."


Rob Henderson:

"In our busy and distracted society, deep reading is increasingly rare. Deep reading changes people. When you interact with people, you can tell who reads seriously and who doesn’t. This isn’t just a matter of mental ability or intelligence. There is a difference between raw cognitive horsepower and time spent immersed in complex and intricate ideas. You can tell the difference between a smart person who reads and a smart person who doesn’t by how they express ideas, the references they make, and the chains of logic they follow. The former often demonstrates a subtle understanding that weaves together insights from various domains. The latter, though sharp and quick-minded, lacks the same depth of perspective or the ability to see beyond the immediate conversation or the Current Thing. This is becoming increasingly apparent among obviously bright young adults who don’t read[.]"

A Working Definition of Statistics:

"[Statistics] is the technology of handling uncertainty."

David J. Hand

[Also see: Variation]

Montag, 27. November 2023


I really like the statement:

"There is Variation in all Things."

I also like the statement from Ronald Fisher about the definition of statistics:

"Statistics may be regarded as [...] the study of variation[.]"

Dieser Blog:

Ich bringe in diesen Blog seit etwa zehn Jahren ein gewisses Maß an Zeit und an Aufmerksamkeit ein.