Montag, 21. Mai 2018

Personal relationships with ideas:

"We all think, so we connect with information and ideas somewhat, but we probably know a few people who have really delved deeply into the pleasures of thought."

Edward Hallowell, Connect


"we all connect to information and ideas. For some people it is the central connection in their lives."


"If you nurture your connection to the world of ideas and information, that world will nurture you as you grow older. It will give you pleasure year after year as you look forward to reading a certain journal, or can't wait for the publication of the next book by a certain author, or eagerly await the results of the next experiment in a certain field."


Will man tatsächlich eine "dauerhafte Beziehung" zu den Inhalten eines Buchs oder eines Artikels aufbauen, kommt es wohl zum einen darauf an, den Lesestoff nicht zu durchhasten, zum anderen darauf, bei Gelegenheit den Lesestoff oder die interessanten Stellen des Lesestoffs erneut zu besuchen.

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