Montag, 14. Mai 2018


"Dickman (1990) proposed the existence of both “functional” and “dysfunctional” forms of impulsivity, suggesting that impulsivity may be beneficial in some circumstances. The scale he devised to measure functional impulsivity assesses comfort with acting, talking, and making decisions quickly, with little or no deliberation, when the situation calls for it, such as in fast-paced conversation or sport, or in the presence of fleeting opportunity. Block (2002) has similarly argued that some degree of “undercontrol” is not detrimental because it allows spontaneous exploration and utilization of unforeseen opportunities. Although impulsivity has typically been considered only as a dysfunctional tendency, the possibility of an adaptive form or level of impulsivity is worth keeping in mind when examining the association of impulsivity with other personality traits."

Personality and Self-Regulation, Colin DeYoung


  1. ''when the situation calls for it''

    Highly impulsive people often act like that in 90% of situations, and seems obvious to think that ''deliberate firstly before to act'' is considerably desirable than ''just act by impulse''. Yes, impulsivity obviously is not always bad, but if it is compared with self-reflection, it mostly bad and in my view, the origin of most of human conflicts. We even can think in impulsivity as a expression if instinctiveness.

  2. I think overall the company of persons who are able to control their impulses to some degree is much more enjoyable than the company of persons without any real impulses or passions. The most funny or witty persons I know could be labeled as (perhaps even highly) impulsive in certain situations. It seems as if they choose to act impulsively for a certain time span in a controlled environment. And although they act impulsively and they are "purely" following their impulses in such situations, they are not acting in some kind of manic mental state in which they couldn't predict and control the likely outcome.

    1. I believe i'm very cognitively impulsive but less in emotional ways, i don't know if this is possible. For example, i never was able to study for school tests properly, i rather to get a red/low grade than to do/study a thing i did not want.

      Emotionally i think i'm more capable to control myself but cogntively i has been the serf of my intrinsic motivation since always.

      Indeed i spend big time of my days thinking about ''philosophical'', hbd stuff and writing and publishing poetries. But it don't hurts me, it's my escape from endless boredom.

  3. That sounds as if there are some problems with your ability to focus and your capacity for self-control. In my opinion, if one wants to lead a meaningful life, it's absolutely necessary to develop strong self-control and a strong focus. If you are trying to develop greater self-control and a stronger focus as a starting point you could read "Deep Work" from Cal Newport. My personal tip for persons who are struggling with impulsivity would be: "Try to calm yourself down. In many situation you should try to become slower: Invest more time in decisions, planning and deliberation." Probably many impulsive people are just moving too fast to stay in control. If you move too fast, your autopilot takes over.

    1. Well i have a meaningful life, life itself is meaningful. I think it's maybe i'm a little parasite but more mutualist-vibe-ish than evil.

      Self control to have money and to cooperate with inferior/evil/stupid governments don't appear to be meaningful in ideal/philosophical sense.

      I will not try to change myself to be a better serf, sorry. It's me and i don't think it's wrong at all.

      I have more self-control emotionally speaking OR better, i have higher motivation to keep it.

      Yes, but it's not all ''fairy-tale-ish'' because in some aspects, for sure, i have my challenges, as everyonw, but again, i will not amputate my personality to attend the evil interests of stupid governments.

      Exactly my lack of cognitive self control make me more creative than the avg.

      My psychological self control helps me to stop to eat ''meat'' even i think come back to eat fish or ''sea fruits'', sporadically, and i'm not vegan.

      It's more meaningful than to be a stupid consumist souless.