Sonntag, 6. Mai 2018

Openness, Introversion, and Extroversion:

"When personality psychologists today talk about introversion as the opposite of extroversion that word is sort of left over from Jung's terminology but we are not talking about the same thing as the opposite of extroversion that he was. And that's just because empirically it is not. It turns out that what's at the other end of the trait dimension from extroversion is basically the tendency to be quiet and reserved, having less energy, less enthusiasm, but that doesn't necessarily go along with being intellectual and imaginative. So it turns out that's a separate dimension. That's the openness dimension. And so you can have extroverts who are high in openness and imaginative and thoughtful and even introspective. And you can have introverts who are imaginative and open and introspective. But you know it's a different trait."

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  1. '' And you can have introverts who are imaginative and open and introspective''

    This sound so wrong...

    And you can have**


    Most introspective if not almost of us are MORE introverted than extroverted and those who are more extroverted, are indeed, more ambiverted. Most people are more ambiverted than too intro or too extro, even in my view, ambiverted extroverted people predominates in many places.

    ''Open'', i really don't know what is really mean, and introspective often look like extreme of the same dimension.

    There are different dimensions of ''openess'' and seems there are a lot of different type of people who score higher in openess. Those who score higher in ''scientific openess'' tend not to score higher in ''artistic openess'' and vice-versa.

    Openess maybe should be changed to ''obsessive curiosity levels''... even the idea of curiosity, often, mean ''change or challenge your own psycho-cultural status quo''. For example, you are conserv for two first decades of your life, so you started to become more lib. It's different than someone who since childhood showed ''liberal' psychological and cultural signs.

    Based on my understanding of this spectrum introversion--extroversion, introverted people filter more the information of environment and often become overwhelmed by this. And extroverted people, i mean, very extroverted people, are those who filter less.

    Less information you filter, more active you become.
    More information you filter, more you think about your actions before to act.

    But i don't understand how to explain creativity = less filtering.

    In other less kind words, extroverts tend to be more impulsive, even they can be more impulsive without act in complete irresponsible ways.

    What is the real difference between filter a lot and filter little***

    Highly introvert people filter more information from environment

    Highly creative people filter less**

    I thought if the information introverted people filter more is different than those who are highly creative people. OR, introverted people filter more conventional/convergent information while highly creative people filter less, while they filter more novel or self-created informations.