Sonntag, 4. März 2018

International Ability Differences - East Asia:

Heiner Rindermann, Cognitive Capitalism, 2018:

"East Asia generally is too much a culture of (conformist) hard work and too little a culture of (independent) thinking. Thinking necessarily will lead at some point to deviance, but hard work by itself will not. The ultimate orientation for thinking is reason. In East Asia as ultimate orientation, agreement dominates, agreement with others and tradition. Tradition can be fulfilled by hard work, not by thinking, which always will lead to some critique of tradition. Reason itself is defined by abstract and general and never finally settable rules. Reason and thinking imply openness in their higher levels. Tradition implies having a final fixed point and an authoritative person or institution defining what is according to tradition and what is not. The occidental orientation towards truth and not towards agreement allowed individuals to question the given conditions, pushing the present state forward. The new is developed questioning the given, by deviation."

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