Samstag, 7. April 2018

Alan Watts on Creativity:

"You have to have an essential sense of li, but there is no way of prescribing it. This is very difficult for teachers, because in all of our modern schools and universities we are attempting to teach creativity. The trouble is that if we found a method whereby we could teach creativity, and everybody could explain just how it was done, it would no longer be of interest. The mysterious, the dark black of lacquer, the impenetrable and profound depth out of which glorious things come, is always an essential element in creativity."

Alan Watts (audio)

[Although there is an esoteric component in Alan Watt's thinking, I think his ideas make a lot more sense than the statements of David Lynch, that everybody can become super-happy and super-creative through transcendental meditation (e.g.: a, b).]

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