Mittwoch, 16. März 2016

Raymond B. Cattell on Creativity:

"... the correlation of creativity with introversion and with self-sentiment and superego standards. For what characterizes a society which is adjusting to complexity is probably an increase in introversion, and certainly an increase in superego control (possibly, as Freudians assert, at some cost in terms of neurosis). Unfortunately, prior to the location of extraversion as a unique second-order factor, psychologists were as loose as the general public in confusing extraversion with other things. One suspects that the educational psychologists of the “progressive” movement of the 1920s in England and the corresponding popular view in North and South America (exclusive of Canada) confused “healthy adjustment” with “extraversion.” Regardless of whether this impulsive ex via appears in New York or the western frontier, there is every indication that it is antipathetic to true creativity, and the fact that it has been held up as a norm and an ideal in school is not unconnected with the present belated search for a lost creativity.
Creativeness must come from the individual, but it is the task of society to produce the climate in which introversion and restraint are viable styles of life."

Raymond B. Cattell (1987) p 514-515

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