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Gender differences in interpersonal accuracy

Gender differences in interpersonal accuracy
Judith A. Hall, Sarah D. Gunnery, Terrence G. Hogan (2016)
The Social Psychology of Perceiving Others Accurately


This chapter reviews several traditions of research and theory on gender differences in interpersonal accuracy. Females excel over males in inferring the meanings of affective cues as judged in multiple cue modalities. This difference holds across time, cultures, age groups, and target gender. Females also have greater ability in judging personality, though fewer studies are available. They also excel in remembering others' appearance and nonverbal behavior, they respond more quickly on accuracy tasks, and they have more extensive knowledge of the meanings and usages of nonverbal communication as assessed on a written test. However, little difference in judgment accuracy is seen for lie detection and the judgment of status/dominance, and for the judgment of physical pain there is evidence that males excel over females. Accuracy in other domains is also discussed, including the recognition of flirtation and romantic interest. Finally, the chapter reviews the main theoretical frameworks within which accuracy gender differences have been discussed.

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