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The Great Struggles of Life- Darwin and the Emergence of Evolutionary Psychology

The Great Struggles of Life - Darwin and the Emergence of Evolutionary Psychology
David M Buss; 2009


Darwin envisioned a scientific revolution for psychology. His theories of natural and sexual selection identified two classes of struggles—the struggle for existence and the struggle for mates. The emergence of evolutionary psychology and related disciplines signals the ful-fillment of Darwin’s vision. Natural selection theory guides scientists to discover adaptations for survival. Sexual selection theory illuminates the sexual struggle, highlighting mate choice and same-sex competition adaptations. Theoretical developments since publication of On the Origin of Species identify important struggles unknown to Darwin, notably, within-families conflicts and conflict between the sexes. Evolutionary psychology synthesizes modern evolutionary biology and psychology to penetrate some of life’s deep mysteries: Why do many struggles center around sex? Why is social conflict pervasive? And what are the mechanisms of mind that define human nature?


"This article traces Darwin’s influence on evolutionary psychology and outlines the field’s development beyond Darwin’s vision."

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