Freitag, 16. September 2016

Intelligence & Creativity:

Nathan Kuncel:

“How can a test that has one right answer be related to creativity? … Creativity is not just generating lots of Ideas. Creativity is also seeing how these Ideas are interconnected with each other. And even more importantly is seeing how these ideas are interconnected with each other and knowing which of them suck.”

Do standardized tests matter? | Nathan Kuncel | TEDxUMN

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  1. I don't think creativity works exactly like

    I no have a mountain of immediately-recognizable wrong ideas, in the true, i have less ideas than ''non-creative'' people think creative people tend to have.

    I no have any control about my ideas, little control about my brain activity, i can negotiate something but just that. Well, all humans are like that, the difference is the self-awareness that we are ''hostages or lucky'' guys and girls of our brains.

    The self is the inner god/moderator/monitor who look to the organism, ''he'' is, the self-reflection, the second opinion. Higher the self-awareness higher will be the activity of this ''monitor'' and more paradoxal and non-paradoxal inner-conflict will have.

    I'm little clumsy. I think i'm more self-absorbed, my left feet is in the ''exterior/real world'' and my right feet in my ''interior/inner world''. This may explain the possible correlation between clumsiness and creativity as bad humor or intolerance to the opinions of other who threat your novel-ideas. The inner world is so real than the exterior/real world to the creative ones, many them. And our novel-ideas look so real for us than the exterior ideas we catch via other people.

    Most people is/have the ''narrator of first person''. At least i have a neutral narrator/ in the third person, inside my brain, this is my real self, partially awake. This is OUR real self, living beings. The doctor have the better perception about the patient than the patient usually have about your own body.

    I don't see consciously that some idea can be connected with other remote idea. Firstly, i ''see'' unconscious -- to subconsciously AND ''my brain give the product practicaly done'' for me, the intuitive insight, and i analyse it.

    The idea of ''hard working'' is real specially for kinesthetic activities, but the power of the intuition in our mental processing is so astounding that we can easily conclude: ''brain done most thing alone and give their products for us/self''. Intelligence/correct judgments IS initially ''be lucky and born rational-leaning''.

    This process you are ilustrating here really happen but in the ''subconscious mind''. ''WE'' really don't participate with this process. We may can to say ''my brain is creative and i'm reasonable/cognitive rational to make these invariably better choices''.

    If you can understand my nonaenglische.