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>Consciousness can be defined as knowing what you are thinking about and being able to tell others about it and act on it as a matter of self-understood choice among envisioned alternatives in subsequent social or other situations. It implies the ability to think about times, places, and events separated from your immediate circumstances and the ability to use the understanding so gained to anticipate and alter the future, build further scenarios, plan and think ahead, anticipate different possible outcomes, and retain the potential to act in several alternative ways, depending on circumstances that can be only imperfectly represented at the time the plans or scenarios are being made. Language is a concomitant of consciousness, characterized by features that make communication of useful information about mental scenarios possible: signs, symbols, and displacement in time or space (Hockett 1960; Alexander 1979a, 1983; Pinker 1994, 1997).<

Richard D. Alexander (2005)

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  1. Particularly the human consciousness is not*

    human avg mind (and a lot of ''high-achievers'' and ''highly smart'' ones) have a bug with abstract words. All abstract words are fundamentally amoral in its roots. Just the context that will can moralize them.

    Words are always symbols of material or unmaterial phenomena, like a cow, why we use this word to refer to this non-human animal**

    We can see, touch or breath an animal, a sensitible ''thing''. No have a uber-sactisfatory explanation to use the word cow, in english (or any other language) to this animal. Of course, it resemble a onomatopoeia, but will be still a symbolic association, the real thing and the abstract, the word, the symbol.

    We know what real immediate things are and even what sequentially ephemeral but constant or recorrent atmospheric phenomena are.

    But a lot of very complex (or purposely confused) abstract words no have a identifiable semantic epicenter via simple symbol-real thing association.

    The problem with communication efficacy among humans become very dark when we have words like ''racism''

    the most astute will can manipulate their meaning and they does.

    i keep in my mind that all words with ''ism'' in their end will be talking about some emphasis.

    So the pure concept for all abstract words with termination ism will be ''the emphasis on... something''

    race-ism: emphasis on race
    capital-ism: emphasis on capital
    social-ism: emphasis on social or society.

    no moralization/qualification here.

    we must need ''find'' the pure concepts of complex abstract words to finish this stupid/barbarian and existentially useless manipulation.