Mittwoch, 29. Mai 2019


"The most commonly used and perhaps most heuristically valuable classification of aggression is that of premeditated versus impulsive aggression. The subtype of premeditated aggression, also termed instrumental, proactive, or predatory aggression (Barratt and Felthous, 2003; Meloy, 2006), is characterized by a goal-oriented, planned, and callous pattern of aggressive behavior not driven by autonomic arousal. The impulsive subtype of aggression, also named reactive or affective aggression, is defined as an unplanned and emotionally driven act, accompanied by high levels of autonomic arousal, and is often precipitated by provocation associated with negative emotionality (Barratt et al., 1999; Haden et al., 2008)."



"Reactive aggression is “hot” aggression, which is displayed in response to some form of provocation. It is characterized by impulsive, emotion-laden aggressive behavior and is motivated and driven by the primary goal of harming the perceived provocateur. Instrumental aggression, on the other hand, is “cold” aggression which is characterized by unemotional, planned and goal-directed aggressive behavior. Instrumental aggression is a means to an end rather than being an end in itself and is driven by a desire for a gain of some sort (Dodge 1991; Cornell et al, 1996; Raine et al, 2006; Fontaine, 2007)."


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