Samstag, 23. Dezember 2017

On acting out contradictions:

"Often when I've read badly written essays. Often undergraduate essays. One of the things that occurs very frequently is that the writer will make a statement on ... paragraph one and then two paragraphs later write a statement that directly contradicts the first statement. And because their thinking is confused, because they are young and because they don't know how to write and aren't particularly careful, they don't notice that the two propositions actually are in logical conflict. And one of the things that indicates is that people actually don't notice when things are in logical conflict, because there is no marker for that. The only time people notice that their presuppositions about the world are in conflict is when they try act out two contradictory notions at the same time and find out that acting one out interferes with acting another out. Sometimes that happens because they are in conflict with themselves, but even more often it happens because they enter into conflict with someone else. So you might say that you don't even notice your propositional conflicts until you act them out and the world stops you. So you can maintain contradictory cognitions endlessly, without ever noticing how disorganized you are, because the world doesn't slap you in the face for your foolishness unless you try to act those things out. ..."

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  1. Example of self contradiction:

    Consider yourself rational und...

    Beleave in some gawd..

    Happy Santa Jesus Klaus von Christ!! Yay..