Donnerstag, 30. April 2015

Speed and Accuracy (Part1):

This guy (probably in his late forties, or in his fifties) teaches us how to throw frisbee like a Pro. It is not unlikely that two of his sons can throw a frisbee as fast and far (if not even faster and farther) as he can. Nevertheless, when you look at the video, you get easily the impression that his throws are much more accurate than the throws of his sons. So my hypothesis would be: experience matters much more for throwing accuracy than it matters for throwing speed.

The fluid intelligence / mental speed of a person peaks at the age of about twenty. But at the age of twenty there are not many persons who have much experience. That's the reason why, regarding some/many topics, the judgments of the thirty or forty year olds seem to be more accurate than the judgments of the twenty year olds.

[World records in javelin throw "measure" throwing speed, but do not "measure" throwing accuracy:  Uwe Hohn broke the world record at the age of 22 (1984), ... Patrick Boden broke the world record at the age of 22 (1990);  Steve Backley broke the world record at the age of 21 (1990) and at the age 22(1992); Jan Železný broke the world record at the age of 20 (1987), 26 (1993), 27 (1993) and 29 (1996).]

[See also: Speed and Accuracy (Part2)]

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