Sonntag, 5. April 2015

Human Reproduction & Regression to the Mean:

(o) I know some families with five, six, or seven* children. How many generations will it take until their descendants family size/reproduction rate comes quite close to the country's average family size/the average person's reproduction rate?

(o) For historical times (e.g. the last 165 years): How fast did reproduction rates regress toward the mean?

* a parent of such a family has about five times as much children as the average German (~1.4) and about 3.5 times as much children as the average German parent; Although it is said that the average German woman has 1.4 children, women of German descent have less children (~1.1, Birg). Childlessness occurs frequently. For that reason the average German family has 2 children (and not just one).

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