Mittwoch, 4. Februar 2015

>over the past twenty years, I have heard comments from teachers in predominantly black schools that their own teaching style has been shaped to a large extent by the particular style of instruction that seemed to work best with their pupils. The teaching style these teachers described is about what one would expect if one wished to promote the learning of scholastic material by pupils whose Level I ability is notably stronger than their Level II ability. The teaching style is shaped in the direction of greater emphasis on rote learning of basic information, frequent rehearsal of immediately past learned material, verbal repetition, and memorization. And the instruction tends to deemphasize intellectualized explanations involving abstractions, generalizations, concepts, and principles - in short, the very cognitive activities that most characterize Level II. These kinds of observations have come from experienced teachers who had never heard of the Levels theory or of Spearman's g.<

Arthur Jensen (1993)

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