Dienstag, 3. Februar 2015

New Book: "Top Ten Reasons We're Fat: And What to Do About It"

Top Ten Reasons We're Fat: And What to Do About It   >Amazon<
P. D. Mangan (2015)

What causes people to become overweight or obese? Despite the many simplistic statements coming from diet and fitness books and gurus, the causes can't be boiled down to any one thing, though some are much more important than others. Some sources will say that exercise is the most important factor, yet Americans are exercising more than ever, and are fatter than ever. And the decades-long craze for low-fat eating has had the opposite effect than the one our health establishment intended: it made us fatter and sicker. What are we doing wrong, and why do so many people fail at permanent weight loss? 

Top Ten Reasons We're Fat takes a scientific look at the causes of the obesity epidemic and how individuals become overweight, and shows that many factors are involved.

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