Mittwoch, 27. August 2014

Smart Fractions/Creative Minorities & High Culture:

>The social implications of exceptionally high ability and its interaction with the other factors that make for unusual achievements are considerably greater than the per­sonal implications. The quality of a society’s culture is highly determined by the very small fraction of its population that is most exceptionally endowed. The growth of civili­zation, the development of written language and of mathematics, the great religious and philosophic insights, scientific discoveries, practical inventions, industrial developments, advancements in legal and political systems, and the world’s masterpieces of literature, architecture, music and painting, it seems safe to say, are attributable to a rare small proportion of the human population throughout history who undoubtedly possessed, in addition to other important qualities of talent, energy, and imagination, a high level of the essential mental ability measured by tests of intelligence.<

Arthur R. Jensen (1980)

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  1. Partially measured by intelligence tests.

    Destroy two certainties ''modern'' psychometric

    Giftedness does not begin from 130 iq,

    G factor. It is extremely common to find people who are good at one skill and bad in others, which are cognitively related. The g factor captured only a one phenotype of intelligence, intelligence symmetric, where the differences between weakness and strength is small.