Dienstag, 5. August 2014

Mating Preferences & Racism:

Geoffrey Miller:
>Yeah. It’s a time to experiment, so don’t have tunnel vision about, “Oh, I have to date just the college girls and not the secretaries.” Don’t have tunnel vision about age. You’re allowed to date grad students if they’re into you. And don’t have tunnel vision about ethnicity, either. I had the same thing in college. Like, there were all these Jewish girls who I got along with really well. I’m not Jewish, but the Jewish guys at Columbia were all chasing the blonde Midwestern girls who all seemed new and exciting to them, leaving the Jewish girls neglected. The Jewish girls were really into guys who were smart, and I was kind of smart, and that just worked. If I had preconceptions, like, “Well, I’m kind of white Anglo-Saxon Protestant Midwesterner and I should stick to my people,” that would’ve been just stupid. So, broaden your horizons.<

Tucker Max:
>Not only is it pretty racist, which is ridiculous to begin with, but listen. ...<

[If it is racist to have a mating preference for one's own ethny, it's also sexist to have a mating preference for the other gender. That's nonsense. If you look at the literature about optimal outbreeding you will see that both preferences are adaptive.]

[The people from the Near East may have developed something like an "instinct" for the avoidance of excessive outbreeding. (Which could explain why cousin marriages are so wide spread in the Near East.) In historical times their societies were much more diverse than northwestern European societies. So there were stronger selection pressures against outbreeding tendencies. In comparison, Northwestern Europeans only show a weak tendency to avoid excessive outbreeding, because in historical times those societies were relatively homogeneous. Perhaps from a biological point of view extreme/excessive outbreeding makes as much sense as the marriage of siblings. But while the opportunity for the latter was abundant throughout human history, the opportunity for the former was not.]

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