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Race versus social class differences in sexual behavior:

Race versus social class differences in sexual behavior: A follow-up test of the View the MathML source dimension
J. Philippe Rushton and Anthony F Bogaert; September 1988
Journal of Research in Personality


Following our earlier paper on race differences in sexual behavior (J. P. Rushton & A. F. Bogaert,  1987,Journal of Research in Personality21, 529–551), we analyze additional data from the Institute for Sex Research which indicates that in terms of sexual restraint, college-educated whites non-college-educated whites college-educated blacks on measures such as speed of occurrence of premarital, marital, and extramarital sexual experiences, number of sexual partners, frequency of intercourse, speed and incidence of pregnancy, and rapidity of the menstrual cycle. As such, the data suggest that race may be a more powerful predictor of sexual behavior than educational level or social class. This ordering was predicted from a gene-based evolutionary theory of  r / K reproductive strategies in which a trade-off occurs between gamete production and social behaviors such as intelligence, law-abidingness, and parental care.

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