Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2012

Two Forms of Evolution; Striving & Evolution:

The two forms of evolution - biological and cultural - are in complex interaction - an interaction that we must ultimately seek to understand as far as is possible today. However, since we have to begin somewhere, and since they have great similarity in essential form, let us grasp first the bases of biological evolution. For these bases have been far more scientifically studied and developed. We need to take a look also at a sense in which the Lamarckian view that striving creates progress is true. The giraffe's striving to reach its head higher into the trees does nothing to its germ plasm. But if a spontaneous mutation to a longer neck occurs, it will be given more advantage in the striving atmosphere. Mutations may die unrecognized where there is no environmental pressure in the direction that they favor. In this sense, the Larmackian view that striving and adventure produce mutations is true: they at least give scope for mutations to show their advantageousness.

Raymond Cattell, Beyondism - Religion from Science, 1987

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