Montag, 16. Mai 2016


>In general, a person in self-deception is a person of whom it is a patent characteristic that even when normally appropriate he persistently avoids spelling-out some feature of his engagement in the world ... There is a trend of genuineness to his "ignoring"; it is not simply hypocrisy, or lying, or duping of others ... The adoption of the policy of not spelling-out an engagement is a "self-covering" policy. To adopt it is, perforce, never to make it explicit, to "hide" it.

... the self-deceiver is one whose life-situation is such that, on the bases of his tacit assessment of his situation, he finds there is overriding reason for adopting a policy or not spelling-out some engagement of his in the world ... it continues to be the case that the fabrications he tells us he also tells himself.<

Herbert Fingarette (cited by Richard D. Alexander)

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