Sonntag, 3. Mai 2015

The Evolution and Medicine Course Lecture Series by Steven C. Stearns:

1.1 Natural Selection
1.2 Random Evolution
1.3 Mismatch
1.4 Adaptation
1.5 Types of Thinking

2.1 What is a patient?  Ancient History
2.2 What is a patient?  Recent History
2.3 What is a patient?  Genetic Variation for Disease Resistance
2.4 What is a Patient?  Genetic Variation for Ability to Metabolize Drugs
2.5 What is a Patient?  The Human Life History and its Evolution
2.6 What is a patient?  Reaction Norms and Phenotypic Plasticity
2.7 What is a patient?  A Bundle of Tradeoffs
2.8 What is a patient?  Someone Who Ages
2.9 What is a patient?  The Unusual Human Life History
2.10 What is a patient? The Developmental Origins of Disease
2.11 What is a patient? The Microbiome
2.12 What is a patient? Summary

3.1 What is a disease? Introduction
3.2 What is a Disease? Vulnerable vs. Robust Tissues and Organs
3.3 What is a Disease? From Fixed to Adjustable Reactions
3.4 What is a Disease? History and Mismatch

4.1 Defenses: Origins and Costs
4.2 Defenses: Specialized
4.3 Defenses: Key Characteristics
4.4 Defenses: The Major Strategies
4.5 Defenses: Tolerance
4.6 Defenses: Evolution of the Vertebrate Immune System
4.7 Defenses: More Detail on the Vertebrate Immune Response
4.8 Defenses: Managing the Microbiome -- Symbionts vs. Pathogens

5.1 Pathogen Evolution: Virulence
5.2 Pathogen Evolution: Evasion of Host Defenses
5.3 Pathogen Evolution: Antibiotic Resistance
5.4 Pathogen Evolution: Evolution-Proof Therapies

6.1 The Evolution of Reproduction: Mammalian Reproduction
6.2 The Evolution of Reproduction: Invasive Placentas
6.3 The Evolution of Reproduction: Evolutionary Conflict
6.4 The Evolution of Reproduction: Genomic Conflict and Mental Health
6.5 The Evolution of Reproduction: Menstruation and Menopause
6.6 The Evolution of Reproduction: Upright Posture and Childbirth

7.1 Cancer as an Evolutionary Process: Introduction
7.2 Cancer as an Evolutionary Process: Why we are Susceptible
7.3 Cancer as an Evolutionary Process: Clonal Evolution
7.4 Cancer as an Evolutionary Process: Phylogenetics
7.5 Cancer as an Evolutionary Process: Immune Evasion
7.6 Cancer as an Evolutionary Process: Managing Chemotherapy

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