Samstag, 13. Dezember 2014


There is a lot discussion if pornography addiction is a real addiction or a pseudo-addiction. But there are more interesting questions: (A) does internet-pornography have any influence on the mating patterns of Western societies? ... and if it does: (B) how strong is that influence?

Speculation about the effects of pornography consumption: (o) a weakening of the urge for romantic attachment + a stregthening of the urge for sexual pleasure;  (o) a weakening of long-term mating strategies + a strengthening of short-term mating strategies / promiscuous tendencies; etc.

[Mating patterns are of great interest, because from a biological point of view the future of societies is primarily determined by their mating patterns.]


-> Mangan's: Marriage rate declining due to pornPornography;


  1. why not? e.g. Christianity was also a "cultural phenomenon" and had some influence on the mating patterns of Western societies. Do you think culture doesn't matter at all?

  2. Culture matters (gene-culture co-evolution). But that doesn't mean anything goes.

    The male sex drive (i.e., to have sex with real women) is very resilient in performing its primary objective.