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Goodness and Speed of Response

The Abilities of Man - Their Nature and Measurement
Chapter XIV - Goodness and Speed of Response | p. 243 - 258
Charles Spearman (1927)

The Chapter's Conclusion:

On the whole, ..., g has shown itself to measure a factor both in goodness and in speed of cognitive process. Such "goodness" is here taken as at bottom indicating clearness. The connection between the goodness and the speed is that of being inter-changeable. If the conditions of the case are such as to eliminate the influence of speed, then g measures goodness, and vice versa. When - as is most usual - both influences are in play, then g measures the efficiency compounded of both. In agreement with this complete inter-changeability between goodness and speed of response, neither of them constitutes a group factor or produces specific correlation. The almost unanimous view that some persons are on the whole unable to think quickly and yet are quite able to think clearly would seem to be a most grave error.

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