Montag, 20. Mai 2013

How People Make Their Own Environments: A Theory of Genotype --> Environment Effects

How People Make Their Own Environments: A  Theory of Genotype --> Environment Effects
Sandra Scarr and Kathleen McCartney; 1983


We propose a theory of development in which experience is directed by genotypes. Genotypic differences are proposed to affect phenotypic differences, both directly and through experience, via 3 kinds of genotype --> environment effects: a passive kind, through environments provided by biologically related parents; an evocative kind, through responses elicited by individuals from others; and an active kind, through the selection of different environments by different people. The theory adapts the 3 kinds of genotype-environment correlations proposed by Plomin,  DeFries, and Loehlin in a developmental model that is used to explain results from studies of deprivation, intervention, twins, and families.

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