Montag, 14. Januar 2013

Women & Relationships:

>The result is fairly clear that women more than men are relationship specialists. Women's interpersonal sensivity has been examined by looking at the ability to read non-verbal information from other's behaviour such as posture, vocal inflection and facial expression. Many studies have examined sex differences in accuracy and the result clearly favour women (Hall 1984; Hall et al. 2000). This difference in the accuracy of facial expression processing is allready apparent in infacy (McClure 2000). As well as decoding emotion, women seem to be more effective senders of signals that foster intimacy and closeness. They demonstrate greater involvement in the conversation and a greater interest in tracking the state of the other person's mind than do men by smiling more, gazing more, displaying greater facial expressiveness, reflecting their own emotional state more clearly in their facial expression, using more hand gestures and approaching others more closely. In short women seem keen to establish a mutuality in their conversation by engaging and monitoring their partner's state of mind.<
Anne Campbell, A mind of her own - The evolutionary psychology of women, 2002
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