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Co-ruminating increases stress hormone levels in women

Co-ruminating increases stress hormone levels in women
Jennifer Byrd Craven et al.; March 2008
Hormones and Behavior


Same-sex friendships are an important source of social support and typically contribute to positive adjustment. However, there can be adjustment trade-offs if the friends co-ruminate (i.e., talk excessively about problems) in that co-rumination is related to having close friendships but also to increased internalizing symptoms. The current study utilized an experimental manipulation that elicited co-rumination in young women and thus mirrored an everyday response to stress. Observed co-rumination was associated with a significant increase in the stress hormone, cortisol (after controlling for self-reported co-rumination and for cortisol levels assessed before the discussion of problems). These findings suggest that co-rumination can amplify, rather than mitigate, the hormonal stress response to personal life stressors.

[Möglicherweise erklärt das auch, weshalb mancher Mann die  'gesunde Verdrängung' der Ko-Rumination vorzieht.]

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