Freitag, 28. Dezember 2012

General Personality Factor & K-Style Reproductive Strategy:

>Research on humans inspired by life history theory has focused on finding evidence for a general peronality factor. Rushton and colleagues have provided evidence for a general factor of personality using FFM questionnaires (Ruston et al., 2008; Ruston & Irwing, 2009). Figueredo and colleagues have linked this general personality factor to what is termed a K-style reproductive strategy, defined as relatively late reproduction, strong pair-bonds, and high parental investment (Figueredo et al., 2007; Figueredo et al., 2004;) (The opposite of a K-style reproductive pattern is labeled an r-style reproductive pattern, characterized by relatively early reproduction, weak pair bonds, and minimal parental investment.) A single factor emerged from 20 scales of personal, familial, and social functioning. Subjects with high factor scores reported higher quality of relationship with their parents, spouse, and children; they provided and received greater support from friends and relatives; and they scored higher on measures of long-term planning, impulse control, relationship stability, and degree of community organization or involvement. This K factor was correlated with a general personality factor, characterized by relatively high scores on Extraversion, Agreeableness, Emotional Stability (the inverse of Neuroticism), Consciousness, and Openness to Experience.<

Temperament & Evolution, Kevin MacDonald, 2012

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